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pulmonary function tests

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Why would I need a pulmonary function test?

Do you have difficulty breathing?  Are your coughs so strong you feel like you'll lose a lung?  Do you have a history of cigarette use?  You may need a pulmonary function test to check your lung health.


Pulmonary Function Tests

Spirometry measures how much air your exhale and how quickly your exhale.  

Your body's lung volume measurement is most accurately measured through body plethysmography.  You'll breathe into a mouthpiece in a airtight booth.  Changes in pressure in the booth will be used to measure your lung volume.

Lung diffusion testing will measure how well your lungs exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide from your blood.  It involves breathing a harmless gas, known as tracer gas, briefly.  How much tracer gas is in your breathe is measured to see how well your lungs exchange oxygen.


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