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Why would I need a pacemaker?

Over time your heart may not perform as it should.  If your heartbeat is slower than normal or if the electrical signals that naturally travel through your hear are slowed or disrupted you may need a pacemaker.



A pacemaker is a small device that has a battery, a computerized generator and wires with sensors at their tips called electrodes.  The pacemaker helps monitor and control your heartbeat.  Newer pacemakers can also adjust your heart rate to changes in your activity.  They may also allow your cardiologist to adjust your pacemaker to work better for you without a need for further surgery.

Implanting pacemakers is a minor procedure of only a few hours.  You will be given medicine that will help you relax through an intravenous line.  After numbing the area the pacemaker will be implanted in the surgeon will insert a needle into a large vein usually near the shoulder opposite your dominant hand.  Using live x-rays, the needle will be used to guide the pacemaker wires to your heart.  After the wires are in place a small cut into your chest or abdomen will be used to slip the pacemaker just under your skin and connect it to the wires attached to your heart.  The doctor will confirm the pacemaker is working properly and will close the cut.  Most go home within a day of the procedure.


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